Features to Be Present in Windows 8

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world and this makes it essential and really challenging for Microsoft to keep its users satisfied and comfortable with every new release of Windows. The next release from Microsoft is Windows 8 which will be a big step in terms of enhanced features. The beta version for developers is out and the full user version is expected to be launched by the end of this year. Every software development company has been eagerly waiting for this upgrade from Microsoft and it will be interesting to see how they utilize it for in the solutions that they develop.

The features that are to be included in Windows 8 are:

Support for ARM Tablets: In an attempt to capture the market of Smart-phones and tablets, Microsoft has included the support for ARM based tablets in Windows 8.

Windows to Go: Windows 8 can be booted from a USB device called the Live USB. Moreover, various user programs settings and files can also be installed from the USB. This feature is termed as “Windows to Go”.

Windows store: Just like the Apple store, Windows is also going to launch the Windows store. Users can easily browse and download Windows applications on it, whereas developers will be able to publish their own application here for Windows 8 devices.

The User Interface: Windows 8 will try to present a highly attractive and uncluttered user interface designed in “Metro-Style”. This type of design shows only the most important information to the user and presents a very simple and easy to control interface to the user. The UI is designed to incorporate touch screen operability.

Security: Windows 8 comes along with an upgraded version of Windows Defender. It will act as a complete malware protection tool for Windows and provide protection against malwares such as virus, worms, Trojans and root-kits. Further, it will also provide real time protection against security threats via a file system filter.

Internet Explorer 10: Windows 8 will feature Internet Explorer 10 which is also designed in Metro Style. The new IE version will provide full screen browsing experience by default. Further, various new HTML 5 features will enhance the performance and add security to web applications.

Faster Booting Time: Windows 8 will introduce the Protogon file system that will allow the users to use the PC instantly. The user will have to just turn on the PC and start working on. The booting and system start-up will be completed at the lightning speed.

Windows 8 promises a lot of great features with its launch and does not ask for any special requirements. It is expected that the requirements will be similar to that for Windows 7. The system requirements for Windows 8 will be:
Processor: 1GHz or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor
RAM: 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)
HD Space: 16GB for 32-bit (or 20GB for 64-bit)

The release date has been under a lot of speculations but the most expected date is supposed to be sometime before the end of this year. Offshore

Leaders Handle The Present, But Plan Ahead

Leaders must handle numerous responsibilities, with a variety of challenges, obstacles, and potential problems. Obviously, leaders are confronted with everyday issues that requires their attention, but the wise and effective ones realize that whatever they do today will have an impact on the future. In my over thirty years of working closely with well over a thousand people in leadership positions, I have observed far too many cases of leadership myopia. Leadership myopia is taking a very narrow, near- sighted view of circumstances and needs, and either not considering, or not realizing the need to consider, how present actions might impact the future. Joseph Cubby wrote, “Today’s two days. Handle one day at a time but at least plan for two, as tomorrow will become yesterday.”

1. Many organizations face fiscal/ financial/ economic challenges at one time or another. Myopic leaders address these by often making draconian cuts in expenditures, which certainly immediately address the financial issue, but generally has a long range adverse impact on the organization. For example, while reducing membership communications will generally save money in the short term, it often alienates members, who feel ignored, or even worse, begin to question the value they are receiving for the membership dues, etc. Similarly, while the short term solution to saving money at an event is to cut/ reduce what is offered, how the event is marketed, etc., the long term impact is reduced attendees in the shorter term, and a deterioration in the base (that is, the regulars who always attend) because they feel they are getting “ripped off.” The wise leader, on the other hand, will examine every expense, as well as every potential revenue area, and seek better ways to do things. In events, this relates to more efficient and effective marketing, perhaps target marketing. On the expense side, it requires a commitment to thorough, effective, and professionally performed negotiations. Great leaders realize that every program should be analyzed as to its effectiveness, alternatives, and its costs.

2. While it may be better to be a myopic leader than a procrastinating leader, both models are generally disastrous to the organization. A procrastinating leader either fails to recognize challenges, or decides to run away from them, making efforts to delay actions until his term of office is over. These individuals seem to have a “not on my watch” type of approach, which generally ends in less than optimum results.

True leaders seize these obstacles and decide to convert them into opportunities, because when there are issues, it is often easier to get others to agree to necessary changes, and alternative approaches. The individual in leadership who creatively and effectively handles the short term and present issues, but does so with a keen eye on the future and the direction/ vibrancy/ relevance of the organization, is usually the only true leader.

With over 30 years consultative sales, marketing, training, managerial, and operations experience, Richard Brody has trained sales and marketing people in numerous industries, given hundreds of seminars, appeared as company spokesperson on over 200 radio and television programs. He’s negotiated, arranged and organized hundreds of events.

Human Growth Hormone: Past and Present

Most of the people think that Human Growth Hormone or HGH therapies are the most recent inventions of modern scientific researches and medical studies. But, it is not as true as you might have assumed. Yes, though the HGH stimulation treatments are the newest additions to the scientific medical inventions, the usage of the first HGH medication dates back to more than sixty years. However, in this short writing, we will focus on the past and the present conditions of the HGH treatment procedures.

If we look back to the mid 1950s, we get to find that the HGH hormones were first used then. One of the oldest examples of human growth hormone therapies is the usage of insulin for controlling diabetics. By the way, for the first time in the 50s, medical scientist became able to invent that human growth hormones (HGH) could be extracted from the body itself. They also found that the HGH hormones could be stimulated inside the body to manipulate the physical growth and strength. As a result of the stimulation, human body faces an exceptional metabolism allowing the body cells to grow faster and other parts of the body to remain active for hours. This invention changed the medical world later on.

At present, medical scientists have become able to invent multidimensional medications for the physically challenged patients. The medications are now available in a multilevel of manners. Starting from hormone insulin to mouth sprays – the HGH hormone stimulation medications are available everywhere. But, it is agreed unanimously that the price for the HGH components are yet to be within the reach of the ordinary people.

The question that comes next is whether the HGH hormone therapies and other medications procedures would flourish or demolish. Well, though answering the question is quite tough, the truth is that in the recent few years, numerous Hollywood stars, athletes, singers and ordinary people have become deeply passionate to using the HGH hormone stimulation medications. Superstars prefer the medications because the HGH hormones play vital roles in repairing the older cells of the skin to replace and redevelop them to new ones. This procedure keeps them ever green – ultimately attractive to millions of fans. The same thing is true in the cases of the athletes and singers. They get the required energy from these hormones.

Finally, in the current world, HGH hormones are becoming increasingly popular because of their thorough actions and unique abilities to make the human body stronger as well as younger. But, one thing that has to be taken seriously is that even if you use any dosage of the HGH medication; feel free to consult with your doctor first in order to understand the level of your requirements of the hormone therapies.

How to Present Your Real Estate Rentals to the Right Crowd

Renting a home is a common practice right now. It caters to different types of personalities from small families to students and even to employees. Based on opinions of renters, it can be tricky to find a place to live in, especially considering the amenities and demands based on one’s own specifications. With this in mind, you can definitely serve a huge demand if you just understand how to present your rental properties to the right target crowd.

People usually take the time looking for the most suitable place. When marketing your real estate rental properties, make sure to take into consideration some of the things that renters are looking for.


Location is one of the important concerns of most renters. Is the neighborhood near enough to places of work and schools? Is there a nearby grocery? How about restaurants, shopping centers, and recreation? Accessibility to all these places is so important for people who are renting. Is your rental property in the right location?


Try to check the neighborhood. Are there rental properties within close proximity? Normally, profitable rental properties are usually located within one area because these cater to one target market. A school may be near and there is a demand for flats for students. It could also be a suburb where low-income class families are looking for two-bedroom homes. Therefore, make sure to do your homework to target the right tenants.

Screening Your Tenants

You never want to have a tenant from hell. These are people who don’t pay you rent for a few months and you still have a hard time to evict them. But you can definitely prevent this from happening in the future. How? This is screening your tenants.

If you want to have peace of mind, you want to deal with people who have a stable job. Let them present to you that they are of good background too. Conduct an interview and ask for references for the purpose of verification. Collect a deposit fee if needed.


These are just a few of the considerations you need to know about the rental business. With the multitude of people engaging in this type of business, you may thought that it is tough to survive. With the demand for home rentals at its most high today, the need for rentals far outweighs the competition. Also consider that as more and more people are facing foreclosures, the number of families renting is expected to surge. Hence, it is just a matter of targeting the right prospects in your area. Follow the advice above and I am sure you will certainly meet tenants real soon.